Yaourt à boire

Milky Mix : yaourt à boire saveur fraise Source de calcium.



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  • LVieqOSiEshCWti
    Posté le 6 juin 2012

    Hi Peter,Happy to hear how well your shows were at Niagara Falls in Canada. Sorry, to hear about Vance. Hope he is mending well. So didtcaeed of him finishing the show with his injury. God Bless Him. You do have a didtcaeed BAND !

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    Posté le 25 mai 2012

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  • aUzQosNTcvnuU
    Posté le 21 mai 2012

    This movie is EXCELLENT and a swift education on how poitcils truly work, even with the ethics committees in place. Special interests, money, and influence do run the world. It will never change. Brilliant screenplay, acting, and coverage of a true political tale !

  • fiPGszWUZRYmfES
    Posté le 15 décembre 2011

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  • ksCedyyuFR
    Posté le 13 décembre 2011

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  • WbEGdqQvecryEVXOdjm
    Posté le 12 décembre 2011

    I actulaly found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

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